A healthy tree is a wonderful addition to any landscape. But what happens when it gets diseased or dies? It has to be treated and eventually removed safely, of course. This is what True Man's Tree Service specializes in. Our tree and stump removal services are commendable and expedient. To find out more about our business in Morley, MI, please keep on reading:

  • What does your company do? – All our arborists are qualified and trained to undertake jobs, like tree removal, tree trimming, and overall tree care. We do stump removal as well. We care about you, and we dedicate our services to your yard’s protection and perfection.

  • What does tree care mean in general? – Humans maintain their beauty and hygiene through a number of procedures. We do the same for your trees. We cater to their appearance, structure, and health. That means we should periodically trim back limbs and also shape them in a way they look pleasing-to-the-eye. Tree maintenance may also involve regular irrigation (especially if they are young), fertilization, and mulching.

  • What are the most typical indications that a tree should be cut down? – If it is dead or dying and considered hazardous, if it causes an obstruction that cannot be corrected through pruning, etc. Generally speaking, our technicians try to save a tree first, and if that is not possible, we recommend tree and stump removal.

  • Why should I use the services of your company? – This is a good question. For one main reason, because we are a professional and experienced company offering very affordable tree services. We respect your time and money, and we do the work swiftly and efficiently.

  • Can I not prune my trees myself? – We don’t encourage any DIY tree work. Throughout our career, our team members have seen the results of over pruning. Investing in a reliable tree service is a smart investment because you pay out your hard earned money for something that really works. We use top-quality tools and equipment and very effective tree and stump removal techniques.

  • How do you proceed with tree removal? – When you call True Mans Tree to schedule an appointment, we will arrive to inspect the tree. Considering its height and truck width, our specialists will determine the most appropriate method for eliminating it from your yard. Our skilled arborists will begin with cutting the lateral branches and then the rest branches until the trunk becomes bare. Then, using special machines, we will take it down along with the stump too.

  • Do you take care of the debris? – Yes, of course. We will haul away any tree debris leaving your property clean. If you prefer, you can keep the wood pieces for your fireplace.

  • Can you come and work on my commercial property? – Yes. Our company serves both residential and commercial clients in Morley, MI.
  • Do mature trees have to be trimmed? – Yes, they can be trimmed, but not like young ones. The cuts should be smaller and you should remove smaller limbs. And again, we suggest you leave this delicate task to our proficient tree and stump removal technicians. For any extra questions, you can contact us at 231-250-7104.